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Remount Merchandise
Restyling & Remount Merchandise


Merchandise For Your Remount Event

The line consists of over 500 mountings including semi-mounts, bridal fashions, multiple stone settings, gents, and free forms in 14K yellow, white and two tone, 18K yellow and white and Platinum to make your restyle in-store promotion a success.


Restyle Jewelry Store Promotion

 In addition to rings there are neck pieces, pendants, slides, add-a-diamond bracelets and earring mountings. Instead of representing one line or style, we pick the best designs from companies including : Johm Bagley, Ashi, S.Kashi, Mercury, MWI Eloquence, Livingstone, HJ Namdar, and HL Manufactuing.  Styles range from Vintage to High Fashion, from conservative to one of a kind to make sure your One Day Remount Event is a success.

To enhance the collection and your Remount Event we bring in hundreds of loose gemstones including tanzanite, watermelon tourmaline, pink and yellow sapphires, and many other exotic stones. Loose diamonds are also available.

General Information:

Call us today to increase your jewelry store sales with a one-day diamond remount or restyling event.

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